The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is currently equipped with: 

  1. Confocal laser microscopy: A1 Nikon Eclipse Ti, equipped in live-box system for live cells imaging, FRET and TIRF applications,
  2. Real time PCR: Roche Lightcycler 480 II,
  3. Stereo Microscope SteREO D Zeiss Discovery.V8 with 3 fluorescence channels,
  4. Automated pipetting system: Eppendorf epMotion 5070,
  5. Gradient thermocyclers: Biometra T Professional Thermocycler,
  6. Flow cytometry: BD FacScalibur,
  7. Inverted fluorescent microscopy for cell culture: Nikon Eclipse TS100,
  8. Fully equipped cell culture units,
  9. Fully equipped microbiology culture unit
  10. Centrifuges and ultracentrifuge (MSE),
  11. Western-blotting, horizontal and vertical electrophoresis systems (Bio-Rad)
  12. ELISA reader (fluorescence, chemiluminescence),
  13. Plate reader Infinite M200 PRO (Tecan) (colorimetric, spectrometry, luminescence, fluorescence)
  14. 2-D Molecular Imaging System,
  15. Taylor-Wharton LS4800 Cryogenic System,
  16. Magnetic cell sorter,
  17. Thermo-mixers,
  18. Microplate mixer,
  19. Large capacity laboratory shakers,
  20. Sonication and homogenization systems,
  21. UV light transilluminator
  22. EVOS fluorescent imaging devices, including an M5000 EVOS with 4 fluorescent cubes.