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Directed-migration of fibroblasts using the opto-CXCR4 system. Cells migrate following a gradient of light, the centre of the light source is depicted (+). Untransfected cells (not mCherry positive) do not migrate and light has no effect on them.

Measuring the directed-migration of fibroblasts (images are frames of the video above)

HeLa cells induced to migrate using the LOV-Rac1 system.


Organoid culture (MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells) with labelled E-cadherin, Draq5 and Phalloidin.







The principle of the CANDELS assay (from our article: Trehan A, et al. Cell Commun Signal. 2014; 12: 70):

and the resulting luminescence readout:


This assay has been used to determine the functionality of patient-derived mutant gonadotropin receptors (Rivero-Müller A, et al. 2015 Jun;172(6):K27-36. doi: 10.1530/EJE-14-1095) and the luteinising hormone beta subunit (LHB) (Potorac I, et al. 2016 Dec;231(3):197-207), as well as the interactions between ligand-loaded nanoparticles to the trageting receptor (from our work Paramonov V, et al. Nanotheranostics 2018; 2(4):320-346. doi:10.7150/ntno.23826):




The principle of the EMT/MET sensor cells (from our article: Kiełbus et al. (2019) Cells 8(12), 1644)

principle of the EMT biosensor

The fluorescence of mCherry goes hand-in-hand with the endogenous expression of Vimentin

Cells 2019



Video abstract of Mung et al Cell Comm and Signaling (2021) can be seen here (link)






3D modelling of the LHB/CGA heterodimer. From: Potorac I*, Rivero-Muller A*, Trehan A*, Kielbus M, Jozwiak K, Pralong F, Hafidi A, Thiry A, Menage J-J, Huhtaniemi IT, Beckers A, and Daly AF (2016) A vital region for human glycoprotein hormone trafficking revealed by an LHB mutation. J Endocrinol 231(3):197-207, doi:10.1530/JOE-16-0384. ( (


Outline of the ALFIRE procedure. From: Rivero-Muller A, Lajić S, Huhtaniemi I. (2007) Assisted Large Fragment Insertion by Red/ET-recombination (AL-FIRE) - An Alternative and Enhanced Method for Large Fragment Recombineering. Nucleic Acids Research 35(10):e78. (


Targeting the somatostatin receptors using nanoparticles. From: Paramonov VM, Desai D, Kettiger H, Mamaeva V, Rosenholm JM, Sahlgren C, Rivero-Müller A. Targeting Somatostatin Receptors By Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles - Are We Striking Home?. Nanotheranostics 2018; 2(4):320-346. doi:10.7150/ntno.23826. Available from

Nanotheranostics 02: 0320 image No. 001


Molecular architecture of the carapace of a decorator crab. From: Sanka I, Suyono EA, Rivero-Müller A, and Alam P (2016) Carapace surface architectures facilitate camouflage of the decorator crab Tiarinia cornigera. Acta Biomaterialia S1742-7061(16)30239-2. doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2016.05.021.


E.coli expressing different fluorescent proteins.